Jeff T. Kacmarynski -

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About Me

Illinois based writer attempting to pitch and submit screenplays. I specialize in several genres, but I love to combine several together at once.

In 2013, my short screenplay DEAD THERAPY, won the Best Short Screenplay award at the RIP Horror Film Festival. It is now in post production as a short film that I have directed.

In 2012, my screenplay WITH CHILD was a finalist at Shriekfest and went on to win "The Bitch Pack Award"  in the screenplay category.

I also write short stories, mostly in the weird fiction genre, and have been planning a self published novel.

I have completed one feature film, DISSOLUTION, in which I wrote, directed, edited, and scored.

I have two short films completed in 2014.

There is a short script of mine that has been made into a short, and I believe to be in post production at the moment.

FRESH AIR (Available Short Script)
A widow moves into an centuries old home to start over. A locked window reveals a passage to a world where he can have his desire, at a price of madness.
FIRST TIMER (Available Short Script)
Two lovers 'do it' for the first time together....but it is not about making love. It is a bout cults and sacrifice!
PACIFICATION (Available Short Script)
A mother;s frustration with her toddler and his demonic pacifier, leads her to make a drastic call.
(Available Feature Script, Winner of the Bitch Pack Award Shriekfest 2012; Finalist RIP Horror Film Fest 2013))
"An expecting single mother's hallucinations begin violent attacks on her and the unborn child. As the attacks escalate, it becomes clear that they will not stop until she takes the life of the child by her own hands."
(Available Feature Script)
Quarterfinalist Shriekfest 2013
Two women are thrown into a violent and hidden world, after one of them unlocks the secrets to a mysterious screenplay. Together, they spiral down a twisted path of insanity as they must face their mistakes and fears to save each other.
(Available Short Script)
After two women discover that they are sleeping with the same man, they take matters into their own hands. Only problem is, when the act of revenge is carried out, it unlocks an ancient, evil secret.
(Available Feature Script)
Two sisters attempt to re-connect their family bond by traveling cross country in their father's mysterious R/V. During the trip, they make the unfortunate discovery that the R/V holds a dark secret, and it wants out into our world.

RED FLUSH (Available Feature Script)
After a gruesome incident in a Tokyo public restroom, a young woman returns to America with a fear of toilets. When her friends begin dying in public restrooms, she must conquer her fears before she is next.

DEAD THERAPY (Completed Production)
Winner Best Short Screenplay RIP Horror Film Festival 2013

A women joins a therapy group for those affected by an outbreak.

(Completed Production)
Lovecraftian script about an addiction to salt water.
The Life of Florence Rae
(Completed Production)
A woman returns home to visit her ailing mother, who suffers a nasty new addiction.